The two main parties in the UK’s electoral arena on immigration policy

In the general elections in the UK, ‘immigration’ has always been an important issue. This time he was no exception. The parties were active on immigration policy last Sunday, even before the formal announcement was made.

The ruling Conservative Party has announced equality in immigration policy. On Sunday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his party would implement a fair immigration policy for the European Union (EU) and everyone outside the EU after the Brexit operation.

In Australia, it will introduce a point-based system and reduce overall migration. He said that all the migrants would have to pay a surcharge of £ 120 a year for national health services. Whether or not immigrants receive UK-funded health care benefits, it is reasonable to confirm the contribution of immigrants to this service from the first day of arrival. The rule will be introduced from January 2020 when it returns to power.

Currently, citizens of non-EU countries are required to pay a £ 5  health surcharge per year in addition to a hefty visa fee for UK visa applications. But EU citizens do not have to apply for a visa to settle in the UK. The health surcharge is not required.

On the other hand, the main opposition party has announced increased employment opportunities for the Labor Party. In an interview with the BBC on Sunday, Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said the UK’s economy, healthcare, agricultural production – all depended on migrant workers. So his party’s policy will be immigrant-friendly.

He announced the relaxation of the rules by eliminating the conditions of income for the families of immigrants. I will not clarify whether EU citizens will be denied free access after Brexit. He said that during his tenure, there would be a lot of movement of immigrants.

The Conservative Party, criticizing the Labor Party’s immigration policy, says the annual total immigration to the United Kingdom under Kurbin will rise from the current 2.5 million to around 100,000. Rejecting the Conservatives’ claims, Labor says the party will announce its election manifesto next Thursday. There will be a full account of all the policies of the Labor Party.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has opted for a midterm election, failing to enforce UK separation from the EU. The election will be held in 2019, December 12.

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