To Establish the Characteristic Resilience of the United Kingdom (UK)

Left-wing politician Jeremy Corbyn announced the Labor Party’s announcement ahead of the general election in December. He announced to reduce the daily cost of the people by returning the gas, electricity, transport, and telecommunications companies (British Telecom) to state ownership if they win the elections.

The announcement was made official in Birmingham on Thursday. Describing the manifesto of the Labor party as a marker and ambitious Marxist, he said he wanted to change the character of the state by taking control of the wealthy and big companies and giving them back to the general public. His party’s election slogan ‘It’s Time for Real Change.

The Labor leader has announced a hike in taxes on the wealthy, big business and oil companies. And said the fee would be invested in national health care, housing and training, and employment for youth. The federal minimum wage will be increased from 5 pence to 24 pence per hour and 1 pound. Provide free internet service from door to door. Ensure employee participation in determining company policy.

In addition to the salary bonus of the directors, the income limit will be fixed at 20 times that of the general worker or £ 100,000 in a year.

The declaration also states that the Labor Party will free the country from carbon emissions within 20 years. To that end, there is a declaration of lending to people for secure purchase of electric cars. And a £ 20 billion greening fund will be set up for this purpose. The Labor Party will fulfill its promises over the next decade in the sense of over-taxing and lending to the rich.

And one of the most discussed issues of the election, I have promised a referendum on the separation of the UK from the European Union (Brexit). To the people of the country, he said, “In the next three weeks, the rich, influential groups and their supporters will tell you that implementation of these promises is impossible. If you don’t want real change, why would the rich want it? The current rules are working well for them.” The leftist leader said, “They (the wealthy class) know that we will implement what we are saying. That is why they are trying to stop our victory.”

The Conservatives criticized Corbyn’s announcement, saying the election was meant to cut back on Brexit. Failing to take a clear stance on Brexit, I am trying to shift the public’s eyes.

The Labor Party hopes the public-friendly announcement will enable them to return to power after 20 years. But so far, polls indicate the Labor Party’s defeat in the December 12 general election.

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