To Vape or Not to Vape in Times of Pandemic

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A lot of people have been saying that it is time to put your lungs to rest and cease vaping as coronavirus hits this major organ. Many even say that if you are a vaper, you are at a higher risk of contracting the infection, with increased possibilities for complications. However, a lot of you have not kicked this habit because it is hard to break away from something that gives you joy, helps you to de-stress and uplifts your quality of life. So the decision mainly boils down on your choice and comfort level.

If you decide to continue vaping because you want to live your life to the fullest, everyone should respect your decision. However, with the outbreak of the coronavirus, note that if you buy vape online, you will no longer have to sign for your parcel. This holds true even if you choose to have a “signature on delivery.” This is part of the isolation measures to prevent the spread of the contagion. You should also expect a little bit of delay in the arrival of your vaping products.

Nevertheless, you can expect continued excellent service from your supplier. If people make you feel bad about your choice to continue vaping, don’t take it to heart. You have to do what works for you. Now is the time to remember the benefits of vaping. Read on below so you can refresh your memory.

Perks of Vaping Essential Oils

If you are unsatisfied relaxing with a regular vape liquid, you can add essential oils that bring in loads of benefits. These oils can calm the irritation in your throat, manage your anxiety, and help with your mental fatigues. And yes, these all must be minimised during this stressful coronavirus pandemic. In fact, some essential oils mixed with vape reduces your risk for respiratory infections with their antibacterial properties. For these reasons, it is clear that vaping can help you ward off this disease. 

Enjoy a More Affordable Price

Electronic vaping is less expensive than other tobacco products, making it more cost-effective to smoke. After buying your initial vaping paraphernalia like vape mods, pent-style vaporisers, and different vaporiser models, you will spend less on a bottle of vape liquid compared to packs of cigarettes. Your vape accessories also last for a long time, so you are assured of longevity and durability, giving you real value for money.

Access to Fun Flavours

Unlike cigarettes that only have the standard and menthol flavours, vaping opens up a broad range of flavoursome choices for you. If you buy vape online, you can see unique options like vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, cherry, strawberry, watermelon, Cuban tobacco, mint, clove, apple, coconut, banana, lemon, and a lot more. You can mix and match your flavours. Again, with vaping, it is all about your comfort level and choice. Isn’t it nice to have this kind of freedom, when there are already so many restrictions and regulations plaguing your life?

Allows Control of Nicotine

With a regular cigarette, you will always get the same percentage of nicotine every single time you puff. One of the perks of vape is that your liquid comes in various strengths from extra strong to mild. You can even get something with ZERO nicotine. You can experiment with the strength levels to see which dose works best for you. Again, the control is in your hands. When everything is out of control due to this pandemic, doesn’t it feel nice when you can still make choices?

No Weird Scents

Traditional tobacco smoke has an unappealing scent, which can even linger in your hair, hands, breath, and clothing. If you want no part of that putrid stench, vaping is the only choice. A vaporiser has none of that long-lasting odour.

Clearly, there are many benefits to vaping, so it is understandable why you would still opt to continue this comforting habit during this quarantine time. With proper hand hygiene and social distancing measures, you can steer clear of the coronavirus. It is totally acceptable to vape to manage your stress. For best results, do vape with essential oils to reap all its incredible benefits which you can use to fight this pandemic.

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