Top 6 Magento eCommerce Development Trends for 2020

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Ecommerce Development: Does your client ever entertain a boundary of time and distance while shopping? For every client, convenience and comfort are key met by online shopping as opposed to traditional shopping.

Ecommerce website development is an important online shopping platform because it allows us to shop directly from the merchant over the internet. Adding to it, we have smartphones, especially those with a heavily-powered Android open source and free platform, making mobile device makers expand user-centricity capabilities. Simultaneously, there are millions of online shopping apps that are more convenient and faster for trade exchanges. 

Given the heavy penetration of smartphones, Android and iOS, and high-speed internet connectivity, eCommerce is more agile than ever and is looking to surpass 6.54 trillion in total sales in the next few years. 

Getting an eCommerce website or application is so easy when you combine the powerful CMS like Magento. An ecommerce development company can tell you a better process to build your dream digital store. Magento is a perfect eCommerce development platform that keeps you ahead of the competition with the best trends. 

Trends to follow for Magento eCommerce Development 

Magento is evolving faster, riding on its power-packed features. It is not surprising that Magneto is the driving force behind around 1.5 billion websites. Here is a list of interesting and useful trends key for Magento development services in the coming years. 

1). Active chatbot support 

Magento now allows AI-powered chatbots or voice search-based shopping for eCommerce sites. Shop owners can have added advantage from machine learning-enabled product recommendations that help them attract more buyers with a list of product choices they would love. Built with live-chat functionality, it gives your customers a seamless shopping experience accomplished through smooth site navigation, and search filters. Be it product-related issues or a new buy; chatbot makes the most of the chores only by hearing the user requests. This smart feature also enables users with limited vision or challenges to shopping from Magento sites. 

2). Enhanced in-store experience 

Magento merchants who maintain their presence through omnichannel platforms can make the most of machine learning-based chatbot connections. With physical robots featuring this enhanced support embedded through Magento API, your customers can be delighted with an endless aisle experience. Using voice capability, robots can interact with in-store customers, offer more product suggestions, and better insights into product specializations. 

3). Powerful reverse logistics

eCommerce is going to experience a massive bulk of return goods once things get back to its normal. Maintaining this overwhelming wave of return products poses challenges for online retailers, which can even hamper customer retention and loyalty. The combination of big data and blockchain is relieving your pains by optimizing reverse logistics processes.

Magento e-retailers can use big data for reverse logistics management, which helps in detecting the condition of return goods and foretelling the best way to maximize it. On the other way around, blockchain can re-establish the credibility of the product. It also tracks the store that sold it or even further keeps track of products sent for recycling, resale, and disposal. 

The duo confirms your customers are satisfied and paid back easily. 

4). Shipping Efficiency 

What could you do to keep your customers hooked to your eCommerce service? The last-mile delivery is not a new norm these days. But many retailers are not keen to invest in the top-notch shipping innovations that may raise customers’ expectations during peak holiday seasons. This is necessary because the same-day delivery is fast for the growth of the average cart value and conversion rates. AI-powered drones or robots are on a rise that could be apt for multi-warehouse ecommerce management while bringing efficiency to the global dispatch processes. 

5). Richer micro-interactions 

Micro-interactions were innate parts of eCommerce designing and development mandatory for user-webpage interactions. Magento is taking this element to a new height where your customers can have a human interaction feels. It is no nice-to-have kind of thing, but it is going to be an essential element that users need to have a nicer onboarding experience to your online shop. 

6). Quantum Paper Design 

Expert Magento development servicescan bring material design or quantum paper design to use for sleek, clean, and appealing User Interface design and development. Developed by Google, this design tool supports engaging and interactive user interface because it has many innovative and novel design patterns incredibly streamlined to add the visual appeal to your website. You can add these elements to your Magento shop that keeps your audience glued and intrigues them to the cart.

  • Grid design-based layouts patterns
  • Animations with API support
  • Shadows and lighting effects
  • Padding
  • Reactive Transitions 
  • Color extract from bitmap images
  • Vector drawable aligns with single-color in-app icons. 

Summing up 

Magento is relentless with innovations and continuously setting a new standard for eCommerce development. The newest trends are new dimensions we need to follow so that we give a good competition to similar businesses and build long-term relationships with customers using our user-friendly and enriching website. Get all these important features for your eCommerce from a competent Magento development company like us. Bytes Technolab always provides Magento support services essential to perform round the clock. 

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