List of top 10 cancer-related myths busted

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Cancer is considered one of the deadly diseases that the human body faces. There is no doubt that Cancer has its effects and can lead to various other health problems, but it is not the case of every one.

Cancer is a group of diseases that involves abnormal growth of cells, and if not cured, it can spread to various parts of the body. This spread and growth can be controlled easily if detected in its initial stage.

But people have their myths about the Cancer, so to save you from such knowledge, we exposed the top 10 cancer myths, check out the list.

Top 10 cancer misconceptions and myths

  1. Sugar can be dangerous 

A big no, it is seen that sugar is more consumed by the cancer cells than other body cells. But, no studies or research says that consuming sugar can make your Cancer worse or cause any issue. However, you need to keep control of the sugar diet because it can cause various other problems like weight gain and diabetes.

2. Lump in your breast

Women usually believe that if they find a lump in their chest, they will have Cancer. Lumping does not mean having Cancer; it is seen that a very low percentage of women having lump suffers from cancer problems. You should always consult your doctor for the best advice and treatment on time.

3. Superfood reduces Cancer

Well, the first thing is that there is no term like a superfood; people just made this on their own. Blueberries, Beetroot, Garlic, and some other foods are considered as a superfood, They are suitable for health, but that does not mean that it will cure your Cancer. The term superfood is just used for marketing purposes so that the selling percentage can increase; it has no scientific backup.

4. Cancer treatment will kill you

NO, it has side effects, but getting killed by the procedure is impossible in the 21st century. Cancer treatment involves multiple surgeries and therapies, like chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

These therapies have side effects and can be tough on you, but they are specifically designed to kill cancer cells, not you. Sometimes if you are late with your treatment, then it is difficult to fight with Cancer, and the procedures may fail.

So you need to keep track of your health conditions. Online health check-up stores like Healthians provide all types of body check-up that, too, at a reasonable price. For more discounts, you can also make use of the Healthians promo Code.

5. Cancer is contagious

In general, it is not possible that it can spread from one to another person. But yes, there are some possibilities where it can be spread, like transplanting the tissue or organ of the cancer patient. The person who receives these organs can develop cancer symptoms.

The other possibility is when patients suffering from some viruses like HPV or bacteria like “Helicobacter Pylori,” then these viruses and bacteria can spread the Cancer from one to another.

6. Mobile phones cause Cancer

NO, according to studies and research have done until now, states that it has nothing to do with the phone. The mobile phone emits very-low-frequency energy that does not damage any cell of your body, whereas Cancer caused because of genetic mutations. You can use a cell phone, but prolong use can lead to other issues like weak eyesight and other depending things.

7. Power lines cause Cancer

According to studies, no power line causes Cancer, and it has the same concept as mobile phones. The power line emits electric energy and magnetic energy, which can be shielded easily. The magnetic energy has a low frequency, and it cannot damage your cells.

8. Herbal products can cure Cancer

it is also a big myth that people usually believe easily that using herbal products can save. There is no doubt that organic products are good for your skin and health. Chemical-induced products can cause infections and other diseases, but that doesn’t mean that herbal can cure Cancer. They are useful in cancer treatment and also help to cope with the side-effects of the treatment. 

9. Cancer will come back

It depends on the treatment and the stage of Cancer when you started your treatment. For most parts of the body in the initial phase of Cancer like stage I and stage II, if you started the procedure, chances are meager that Cancer will come back. But it doesn’t mean that in later stages it will come back, it depends on the treatment, and there is always a hope that it won’t return.

10. Hair will never grow back

 It is not the case of everyone, according to some studies, which says that in ninety percent of cases, the hair grows back. It is the picture that we have in our mind associated that depicts Cancer will bring hair loss. You lose your hair because of treatment, but the hairs will re-grow when you are done with treatment.

Bottom Line

Cancer is caused due to genetic mutation, not by using mobile phones or power lines. You need to maintain your health condition, and for that, regular full body check-up is one of the best ways.

Here we have provided the list of top 10 myths of Cancer and Get Latest And Trending News that will help you to make the right decision about your health.

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