Undergraduate Programs Foreign Students Can Pursue at MIU

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Manipal international university, commonly known as MIU, is one of the best private universities in Malaysia. Being established in 2011, it is a relatively new educational institute. However, it has gained immense popularity among the international and specifically south Asian students due to its high quality of education.

Students from developing Asian countries like Pakistan are eager to secure their admission to the institute. The university is affiliated with almost thirty other universities across the globe, which ensures the provision of high-quality education to the students.

This article will help you explore undergraduate programs foreign students can pursue at Manipal international university in Malaysia.

Top 5 Undergraduate Programs at Manipal International University

Undergraduate study is one of the most important steps towards the career of students. This is the step where they need to identify their goals and aspirations in order to pursue their chase and achieve their target in life. Choosing the right course program helps them stay true to their passion and reach the success they desired.

The following are the top undergraduate programs Manipal international university, Malaysia is currently offering to the international students across the globe.

1. Bachelor of Business Administration

Business administration is one of the most common subjects which is offered by almost every higher educational institute. However, the distinguishing feature of the program at Manipal international university is that it focuses more on international business.

It is a significant opportunity for the students who want to establish their career or business at the international level. Therefore, students often acquire the services of education consultants in Pakistan and ensure to meet all the requirements to secure their admission and become a part of the institute.

2. Bachelor of Mass Communication

With the popularity of social and traditional media, the world population is facing a variety of challenges. Access to information has improved. However, values and ethics are being compromised to some extent.

The bachelor of mass communication at the Manipal international university is an opportunity for the young generation to learn communication and social skills. After completing their education, students can pursue their careers in fields like publishing, broadcasting, public relations, journalism, and advertising.

3. Bachelor of Computer Engineering

One of the most popular undergraduate study programs at Manipal international university Malaysia is the bachelor of computer engineering. This is one of the most important fields of study, which has become an absolute necessity for the development of any society.

By pursuing this study program, the students will be able to acquire professional skills and become a valuable assets to their countries. They can also establish their career at the international level in the IT industry and drive the success of society.

4. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of mechanical engineering is one of the most popular engineering programs at the Manipal international university for foreign students. The research-based high-quality education provides the opportunity of exploring their interests to the students and helps them make their name in the industry.

The students can learn the analytical and computational skills in fields like design, dynamics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, materials, control systems, and robotics. You can also become a part of the institute and get valuable knowledge, which will help you establish your career, as well as contribute to the success of your country.

5. Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)

Biotechnology is one of the emerging fields of study which is gaining immense popularity. The world population is eager to make use of technology in each and every field of life. Therefore, it is extending the frame to biosciences. It will not only improve the quality of life but also accelerate the process of experimentation and research in the field.

If you are also interested in the field of biotechnology, here is an excellent opportunity for you. You can hire the services of education consultants in Pakistan and become a part of the institute. You can also ensure to get research-based quality education by getting enrolled in the program.

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Pursue undergraduate study at Manipal international university!

Malaysia is becoming a popular study destination among international students. The quality of education is recognized at the international level, which encourages international students to become a part of its institutes.

There are a number of public and private international higher education institutes in Malaysia, and Manipal international university is one of them. The institute, which specifically focuses on the fields of science, engineering, and business, offers a variety of study programs in these fields.

Become a part of this institute to pursue your passion and establish a successful career. Do not hesitate to consult the professionals if you face any difficulty or challenge.

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