Untouchable Trump in the UK

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has requested US President Donald Trump not to bow down in the country’s elections. But not until he arrives on a two-day tour in London, he begins to nod in the polls.

US President Donald Trump’s relationship with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is unknown. Another British politician, Brexit party leader Nigel Faraz, is also a favorite of Trump. But Trump’s ‘eyesight’ is Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan. Despite having links with Boris and Nigel, the president of the United States has now become untouchable in the UK. Because of the general election of the country. The election will be held on December 12. Before this, everyone fears that Trump’s dishonest comments on domestic politics could affect the outcome of the vote. It was from that fear that Prime Minister Boris urged the US president not to smash his nose in the election.

President Trump traveled to London on Monday for a two-day visit to attend a NATO alliance conference. It is hard to guess what he will do during this visit. However, after the last two trips, a trend has emerged. Earlier, when he went to the UK, there were protests. Activists of political parties have participated in these protests. This time the doctors and nurses of the country’s national health care system are planning a protest. Another ritual of Trump has been to attack City Mayor Sadiq Khan in London. But this time, it is thought that there is little to fear. Some believe that Trump will not discount Sadiq Khan this time.

In addition to this, whenever Trump has been to the United Kingdom, Trump has created a kind of surprise by interviewing the Daily. Because, in every interview, he has a nose in UK politics. Then he tried to lighten it by explaining it at a press conference. But he could not do it, but he did. This time he did not even interview; he made the pots. He told reporters in London on Tuesday that he did not want to say anything about the UK elections. But Boris Johnson deserves, and he will do well. He also said Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn would work with him as prime minister. But last October, he said that Corbyn would be evil as prime minister.

Altogether, it is feared that any slight talk of Trump on the current visit could pave the way for a big struggle in the political arena of the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Boris is also aware of this. He knows that any unfavorable remarks by Trump could backfire on neutral voters. It is precisely from this fear that he is trying to avoid him on Trump’s visit. He did not even schedule a meeting with Trump this week. He hopes that Trump will remain silent about him. But who will stop Trump? He said at a press conference yesterday that he would meet Prime Minister Boris.

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