Update on Flu for the Season December – Tips For Avoiding The Infection

The United Kingdom is dangerously on flu season. The major problem that older people are having right now is the availability of the high dose flu vaccine. This vaccine is specifically designed for people over 65. This high dose vaccine contains four times more amount of antigen than the standard ones. This antigen protects the body from the flu virus. Since people over the age of 65 have a low immune response to any disease, they are given a high dose to fight against influenza.

Currently, many medical offices are running short of the vaccine. The older population is getting more educated about the need for such a high dose vaccine. Therefore some pharmacies are running out of it very quickly. In case, if you are having the same issue, you can go to some other pharmacies and consult with them if they can have that. 

Older people are at a much higher risk of getting the disease. Therefore, health check up is really important for such a group of people. If it’s about the flu or some virus like that, the older adults can have that easily as their immune system doesn’t work so fast in response to the disease. To make their immune system work faster, they must be vaccinated sooner. 

In case you are severely unlucky and haven’t encountered the vaccines yet, you must take the regular ones. As the immune system doesn’t work powerfully in older people, the vaccine might not help them in fighting with the infection. Moreover, older adults are put on a lot of medications, which gives the flu much easier access to their bodies. 

Every senior are thus recommended to get their vaccines as early as possible. Before the flu gets in full impact in the city, every older adult must have their vaccines completed. You must notify any sign of respiratory infections. If you think you might have them, get in touch with your nearby clinic or doctor. 

Other Regions are Getting The Red Signal For Flu

We have scene flu spreading across the United Kingdom, but it seems like the southern and southeastern parts of the country have started showing the red signal. Some places have shown a relatively high-risk zone of influenza-like illness. The news report has even covered up the cases of two children who have died from the infection. 

As per the report, the Influenza B strains have started to show some signs after this season, but now the southeast part of the country have started showing the signs early. Everyone is puzzled up and still searching for the question of why! You must know your stage of health. Visit your nearest private clinic Harley Street and get private health assessment whenever you get time. Ignoring such a basic healthcare routine assessment will destroy your entire life. 

How’re The Deliveries going On?

In September, we got the news that 70 million doses of flu vaccine have been delayed, and thus they have to be recalibrated to match this year’s strains. The manufacturers have confirmed that the deliveries are now running properly on schedule. The private manufacturers have also confirmed that there will be around 162 to 169 million doses of flu vaccine available for the year 2019-2020. 

The health experts are also working responsibly to ensure that there shouldn’t be a shortage of the vaccine and that the shot will be available across the country. In order to avoid the problem of shortage in the future, the manufacturers are trying their best to solve this issue. The proper way of doing this is that the manufacturer has to check which region is in high demand for this vaccine. If there’s been some shortage, the health authorities can provide emphasis recommendations for high-risk groups, like children and older adults. 

Get Your Vaccines As Soon As Possible

The vaccination will start at the end of October, but you must get vaccinated ASAP. The health experts are emphasizing that at the beginning of December, influenza will be in the more active stage. Before you start anticipating its importance, you must undergo a full health check up to make sure you are healthy from inside and out.

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