Violets, The February Flower

Hello, February-borns! Roses are the prettiest, and sunflower is happy, daisies are sunny, and orchids are classy. However, the one color that we often tend to miss out on is the color violet. The Violets are beautiful, tender, and easy to notice. The official birth flower of the February borns is the Violet. Now, if you know someone who is born in this month of autumn, welcome them with a warm smile and make online flower delivery in mumbai. Let us see why the violets are no less aesthetic and pleasing than other flowers.

The violets have a lovely smell that lingers long after you have held them close. The flower symbolizes truth and loyalty; it embodies a feel of modesty, wisdom in the spiritual sense of the term, and humility. The flower is, of course, names after its aesthetically pleasing purplish violet petals. The flower perfectly goes with the color since the birthstone of February is amethyst, which is also of the same color. The color violet is a very pious color. The color is associated with loyalty and love, taking risks, with hope, with honesty, and subtly with forever. The flower violet has a range of over five hundred species of the type, and there are several color variations among them too. 

Not just to the eyes, but the flower violet has a good effect on the health as well. Due to its amazing healing properties, it was used in the medieval age for healing purposes. Owing to its vibrant hues and eye-pleasing aesthetics, Violet is the official state flower of Wisconsin, Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. The flower was used to symbolize devotion and constancy in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The flowers are, however, available in two colors- violet and white, but both have different meanings. The fun fact is the Tartans used the violets in culinary delicacies, one of which was soup. The Monks addressed the flower as “Herb of Trinity” because of its lovely fragrance.

Send flowers to your loved ones and make their day better. Remind them how much you are in awe of them and how you remember the little things. Gifting violet plants on a celebratory occasion is a beautiful gift solely for the fact that the Violet is a flowering plant, and it will keep blooming. The plant can be nurtured in a pot or garden, and your loved ones can witness the flower grow as the years pass by. In addition to that, send bouquet online with a combination of the violet flowers and that of any other flowers that are their favorite. A simple vase with the violet flowers on the dining table also makes for a beautiful showpiece. 

The best part about the flower is that it is not just available for the people who have a green thumb but in other forms as well. Several products, including candles, perfumes, body lotions, body yogurts, bath bombs, soaps, hand creams, and room fresheners, are available in the fragrance of the violet flowers. Why even wait for anyone? If your birthday falls in February, gift yourself something that resembles Violet. 

Violets are beautiful in their way, and for a flower to be that pretty and overshadow all other colors for a month is a pretty big deal. Order flowers online in delhi and gives someone a day to remember. And, if you are wondering who you share this fantastic day with, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Steve Jobs, Emma Roberts, and Farah Fawcett are on the list! So, do not just do away with flowers but arrange for an online bouquet and cake delivery in Bangalore and make someone’s day even brighter. Keep the theme as Violeta and have the decor with purple flowers and decorate the tables and chairs with violet sheets. 

Bloomville certainly makes this job easy on us. The gifting ceremony becomes a cakewalk. Affordable prices and the right quality flowers, gifts, and chocolates are the norms of the day. 

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