7 Unexpected Ways You Are Damaging Your Hair Color

You can be extremely careful with your hair, but sometimes our day to day activities become the cause of hair color damage. Sometimes we forget to put on heat protectants, and sometimes we wash our strands with harsh products. To save the look and feel of our hair, we must be taking a few extra measures. Down Below, I have listed seven habits that may be the reason for hair color damage.

1. You are using the wrong shampoo

There are tons of shampoo available in the market for your hair type. If you don’t use the shampoo that goes with your hair, it might end up affecting the look of your hair color due to sulfate and other harmful ingredients. If you want your hair to look and feel vibrant, choose a shampoo that best suits your hair and helps protect the color of your hair. Make sure you are using a safe color shampoo; otherwise, you would lose the color on your hair quickly. Consider using the shampoo on your hair that is color and sulfate-free or specially created to treat color damage that will make your hair color more long-lasting.

2. You always wet your hair in the shower

Another unexpected way you might be losing the color on your hair is because of the water in your shower. Unfiltered water contains hard minerals that can accumulate in your hair. The more you wash your hair with unfiltered water, the more damage it does to your hair color. To avoid losing hair shine, consider wearing a shower cap or tie your hair in a top knot when you are not planning to shampoo your hair. This will help you avoid the accumulation of hard minerals in your hair.

3. You aren’t honest with your hairstylist about using at-home hair dyes

Your stylist knows when you have been using at-home hair dyes, so it is better, to be honest about it. To give away DIY Endeavors, the least thing you can do change your hair texture and the overall look of hair strands. However, your hairdresser can’t tell much about the usage of box dyes that you are using to keep hair shine. You need to tell your stylist about your at-home hair coloring frequency so that they can adjust the in-salon color according to your needs. 

Your hairstylist must be aware of the fact while removing the old dye from hair like how much pigment we have to use to remove. Not having a precise idea can affect your professional hair color results.

4. You skip protein treatments

When you color your strands, make sure you are applying protein treatments, so the damages from chemical services are replenished. Your cuticle assigns to store the color molecule while coloring your hair. A protein treatment is the kind of treatment that helps you repair your hair itself and also make your hair even stronger.

5. You never wear a hat

It has been sourced out that the sunlight causes some serious damages to your skin in the same way it also has very bad effects on your hair. When you are planning to be outdoors, The sun can do some serious damaging to your hair color; to protect it from going fading, always consider wearing a hat.

6. You aren’t consistent with your hair care

Trying out different-different products can give you the utmost satisfaction, but it comes at a cost. As not all products are made in the same laboratory, they might be using the chemical that is not going to suit your hair structure., and when you experiment with different products too often, it might deteriorate your hair-color. Consistency is essential when it comes to taking care of your hair and maintaining the color. Make sure to consult with the best hair stylist for the best hair care routine to maintain your hair color. 

7. You are Using Alcohol-Based Products

 Using the alcohol-based product on your hair increases the effect of hair loss, split ends, hair breakage, and also dry out hair strands. If you want to keep your hair color look more vibrant, It is advised to use the alcohol-based products seldom or use products that are color-safe and alcohol-free. The real reason for getting dry hair is that when alcohol-based products applied to your hair, it mixes with your natural hair moisture so quickly, leading to dry hair because the alcohol evaporates very quickly.


No matter how much the extra precaution you take yourself by spending the time on the internet gathering all the tips and trips to avoid the hair color, it is always advisable to consult with the professionals because the tips and ideas are not going to work for the everyone. Everybody has different hair lengths, hairstyle and hair structure, and that’s why they need extra recommendations based on the hair structure and believe your hairstylist is the one who can give you the most optimum tips about the prevention about hair damage.

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