What a Magic! Conservative CandidateBoris Johnson Win.

The condition of the Conservative party leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the UK constituency, Oxbridge and Ruislip, was shaky. So there was some apprehension about him. The main protagonist of the election, Boris Johnson, has overcome all fears. He got 25 thousand 3 votes.

There was a prediction that the Conservatives would do well in the election. Boris’ victory proved that.

The nearest rival Labor party candidate Ali Milani got 3 thousand 3 votes. Boris Johnson won the seat in 20 seats with a margin of just 7, 4 votes.

Milani voted against Brexit for the seat in London’s 20 referenda. Anti-Brexit campaigners have campaigned hard to defeat hardline Brexit Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his place and win the Labor Party candidate Ali Milani.

Another rare occurrence of this year’s election is that Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not vote for himself. Johnson arrived at a polling station near the Prime Minister’s residence in Westminster with his pet dog at 9 am. Conservative candidate for the seat, Nicky Aiken. Johnson’s predecessors, former Prime Minister Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, and Tony Blair, also voted in their respective seats.

Speaking after announcing the results in his constituency, Boris Johnson said people supported the “One Nation Conservative” government. Nobody wanted this election. But this election is inevitable only because of the stagnation caused by the Parliament due to the anti-Brexit opposition. Now people have again ruled in favor of Brexit.

People have come out to vote in the December elections. He relied on the Conservatives to eliminate Parliament’s stalemate. They gave a historic verdict. If the result of the survey is right, I will return to the post of Prime Minister. In addition to the Brexit program, his government said it would start work on internal issues, including national health care, security.

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