Which tech companies are benefiting from the coronavirus?

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Fear of the spread of a new coronavirus has led millions of Chinese to stay at home, shortly after the end of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

A blessing for the gaming industry

Now confined to their homes, one industry benefits: gambling.

Tech Companies Las Vegas(reflecting search volume) for the word “gaming has hit an all-time high since the start of the crisis. Search volume peaked 60% above the previous weekly maximum. Las Vegas tech companies released Some of the most popular.

Fitness apps are booming

One of the first steps local authorities took to prevent contagion was the closure of gymnasiums across the country. Fitness junkies have only one choice left to keep their bodies moving: fitness apps. Keep is the first fitness app in China. Before the New Year, Keep was ranked 260th in China’s iOS app store. He has now climbed to 79th place and continues to improve every day. While all of Keep’s offline gyms are closed until further notice, Keep cleverly used Douyin’s live streaming feature to bring classes online. Maintain hosts 3 live streaming classes per day, announcing them first through its hundreds of WeChat groups. While the lessons are free, Keep’s instructor asks the audience to follow the debrief, comment, and enjoy the live broadcast. This commitment is echoed by Douyin’salgorithm which exposes Keep to an even larger audience. Through live streaming campaigns, Keep increased its follower count by 18% in the first five days of the virus’ appearance, reaching 258,000 followers.

E-health services are booming

Naturally, e-health services are one of the segments with a positive impact.  The “Health” section includes the possibility of monitoring epidemic data in real-time for each district in each province. It also allows, among other things, to book online consultations with doctors. The doctors most in demand for online consultations work in virology. Business-to-business collaboration applications become essential

It’s not just fun … the Chinese New Year celebration is coming to an end and some of us have to get back to work. However, most companies have remote work policies in place to prevent contamination of their workers. This is an incredible opportunity for enterprise collaboration applications to make remote working easier. Alibaba’s Ding Talk skyrocketed to the top of the App Store in a matter of days. WeChat Work, Tencent’s business communication app, has just released a set of new features aimed specifically at making remote working easier during this critical time:

  • Online meetings for up to 300 people
  • Live broadcast
  • Improved forms for collecting staff information during the outbreak
  • Cross-border e-commerce reaches its peak

App Annie’s “Shopping” category ranking shows that 2 of the top 5 apps are cross-border e-commerce apps (2020/2/3 data)The two cross-border apps on this list, Small and Haitun, have seen a marked increase in engagement and have skyrocketed to the top of the App Store. Small dropped from 161 to 2 in the iOS China App Store Purchases category. He did it in less than 2 weeks. Haitunjia saw a less explosive but still significant increase, going from # 23 to # 5 on the App Store in just 12 days. One reason for the boom in cross-border e-commerce is that many Chinese residents are looking for supplies like face masks that are not available in China. There have been hundreds of thousands of orders for these products on these cross-border platforms in recent weeks.


The coronavirus has changed the lifestyles of many people in China in recent weeks. This change in consumption habits is also stimulating certain industries. And a lot of tech companies are seizing this growth opportunity.

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