Why startup business must need a website

Several businesses in a wide range of industries have recognized the value of the internet, from eateries to department stores. There are uncountable reasons to have an online presence for your startup business before asking why is it essential to have a website for your well-established business or startup. We must understand the actual need of having a website for the company. Now, we could explain for days why you require a website, but here are a few key reasons that come to mind.

Establish credibility: Owning a startup business means you have to do a lot of convincing. And convincing hundreds, even thousands of customers offline is not possible for a human being. And this is where a web development job comes in. By having a professional website, you can garner instant credibility for your brand. Your website is the ultimate evidence of your business existence.

No Barriers to Entry: Getting measurable traffic and leads are quite convenient with a website. There are more than 2.6 billion internet users out there, and with the help of the best website development company, you can target each one of them. Of course, to do so, you have to look beyond just a website. What is that? Well, you may find more information here.

Low cost: Believe it or not, the internet is the most affordable way to run your business. As a startup business owner, if you have a meager budget and unable to rent a place or pay for an extra utility bill, the online platform is the best solution. A professional website development company can develop a website with as low as USD 500. This includes all the expenses, such as hosting, domain cost, design, and web development cost, etc.

Extend social media experience: Social media marketing companies helps to boost business reachability. However, having Facebook & Twitter, as well as LinkedIn won’t offer you return you are expecting. You need a well-optimized and functioning website with a strong social media presence to turn a visitor into a customer. Social Media is word of mouth on steroids. You are having a website ties-in all of your social media pages to one central hub of information. 

Exponential Exposure: As a startup business owner, you have to take each step very carefully. Especially when it comes to advertising your brand in the market, now, traditional advertisement is costly and doesn’t work anymore. However, if you have a good-optimized website, which is linked to your social media platform, you can run targeted campaigns free or at a low price. Your website becomes a knowledge center for prospects interested in what you have to offer, without having to print out flyers or brochures.

Boost confident & Trust: You cannot buy trust; you have to build it. If your prospects trust your brand, you can guarantee your business success. And building trust and confidence must be your primary target as a startup business owner. A candidate wants to be assured before they take any buying decision. A Consumer generally looks for a brand who are easily approachable. Whether it’s by phone, email or chat. However, for a startup business opening up three different departments to answer customer queries is not a viable option. On the other hand, a web development job can bring everything together, under a single roof. Customers can put their queries on the website, and you or employees can contact the distress clients with relevant information.

Build a reputation: If this isn’t important enough, we don’t know what is. Regardless of your businesses’ shape and size, status is a crucial intangible asset that can kill or save your business. If your business doesn’t have its website or blog, potential consumers are going to perceive you as “fraud”. Plus, having an excellent online reputation makes it easier for potential consumers to, eventually, do business with you.

Be omnipresent: Having a website mean, you have a whole new road of new opportunities opened up, and you can run your business 24/7. Your website will always be there for your precious clients, which is otherwise not possible.

Customer Support: Exceptional customer support helps to grow the business. No matter if you are a startup or a well-established player. And this can only be achieved through a website. You can place terms of usage, FAQs or a ticketing system on your website to address customer complaints rapidly. If you can offer a fast resolution to any problem, your customer will be happy and recommend your business to friends and families.


Granted, not all of us are computer savvy, but having your website isn’t as technically challenging or expensive. Web development companies offer intuitive software that makes the task of building and administering your site much more accessible. And if you are worried about the cost, well, the good news is, the web development industry is quite flexible about the budget. If you’re looking for a startup business to expand, a website just may be the answer.

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Establish credibility:

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Boost confident & Trust:

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